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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Externality quote of the day...

"I’m no prude but it’s probably not the safest idea in the world to have a mobile strip club distracting drivers."

- B.S. Report


Thai said...


Dr John said...

I know somewhere in Bavaria someone was paying for young girls to stand by the highway topless to get speeding motorists to slow down. My buddy sent me the news report including the clip of of jiggling flesh. I am a huge supporter of govt. subsidized knockers myself. Even at my age I still believe this to be self evident. Could this possibly be a greater waste of taxpayer funds than the Dept of Agriculture ?

Dink said...

"to get speeding motorists to slow down"

I guess crashing into the car in front of you can technically fall under the catagory of "slowing down".....

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