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Monday, May 24, 2010

It's bad enough that Rush Limbaugh is our distant cousin...

But now we are literally distant cousins of the slime mold??????

... I'm just saying that some cooperation is going to be a bit tougher than others.


Thai said...


Dink said...

Man, I'll take the slime mold and alpaca over Rush any day!

So here are the links that didn't come across in the comment section of your hub post. And they're kind of in the same vein as the hub post in that while the hub research will map that tricksy human brain:

This could cure a large number of hideous diseases.


This just makes quantum theory and string theory all the more mind-destroying fun. Behold, the twistor theory .

(if the 2nd link works, it was my mistake. if the 2nd link doesn't work, sciam is/are bastard(s))

Dink said...


Dr John said...

I really don't see why Limbaugh generates any more animosity than the likes of lefties like Maddow or The other guy Olberman. He is a pundit/entertainer and nothing more. The only difference between them and Limbaugh is they have no audience.

Dink said...

"He is a pundit/entertainer and nothing more"

Well, yes and no(and I can't compare him to Maddow or Oberman because I've never really watched either).

Yes in the fact he's just some guy on the TV/radio along with a lot of other guys. No in the fact that elected Republican officials have to publicly apologize if they dare criticize him.

But even if he didn't have power, he'd still bug me. I view him in the same light as a Baptist minister spewing hate on non-Baptists. No goodwill desire for them to become Baptists, just straight out desire to punish and hate. And to add to the mess, he doesn't really seem to believe his own message, he just knows it brings in the cash.

Beck's a different animal. He really seems to believe what he's saying; that his philosophy will benefit mankind. I don't agree with what he says, but I do believe that he believes it and that he may have goodwill toward mankind.

I read this book on morality. It reiterated several times that humans don't judge actions so much as intent.

Dr John said...

Dink, watch some MSNBC and please explain to me how they are any different in their religiosity. Everyone seems to hate everyone else who is not them.

Dr John said...

By the way. Beck is totally manufactured. I listened to his radio show 5-6 years ago. It was very different than his current TV show. He is crazy for his TV audience. Who can tell what these players believe.

Thai said...

There is just something about Rush that makes us hate him.

... John, you'll have to indulge our Liberal origins, ancient enmities can be hard to overcome.

Dr John said...

Liberal in what sense Thai? I consider myself very "classically" liberal in the fashion of JS Mill. You do not express many contemporary views that many of today's "liberals" do. To me they are all buffoons on both sides of the media mostly. I guess I can forgive people hating Rush the most only because he is the most "popular". I think he is also a master at his craft. He is like Stern. People who hate him still listen to him.

Thai said...

It is completely fair to say that my own views are hard to categorize.

Thai said...

And PS- if you do, I think the review by Brad De Long in the reviews section is spot on. Wright does pull a three card Monte on the issue of progress vs. morality

PS- If you do not know Brad De Long, you should. His blog (always guaranteed to be left) is legendary in the econ blogosphere.

He is also the Chair of the Political Economy of Industrialized Societies Department at UC Berkeley.

PPS- Do you have a list of the top econ blogs?

They run the political gamit from left to right and I highly recommend putting them in a tab in your browser if you do not. They are very good at giving a three dimensional picture of what is out there.

Much better than the news media in my opinion (at least in giving a fuller picture of what is going on). And you will learn that others of different moral value systems can most definitely know quite well what they are talking about.

You may disagree with their morals, but that is an entirely different issue.

At least I have found these very helpful.

Dink said...

"Dink, watch some MSNBC"

I just can't. Its so excruciating and exhausting. I can't watch reality TV, either. Horrible, unpleasant people.

"I consider myself very "classically" liberal in the fashion of JS Mill."

Y'oughtta do a post on JS Mills (as I know nothing about him/her/it/them).

I feel anarchy is bad for the individual, humanity, and planet. But its been complicated to come up with rules that everyone will play by.

Dr John said...

I do not have any of that Thai but do now. Thanks.

Dink. You clearly have watched enough MSNBC to get my point. TV is exhausting. I do like "The Soup". That is as close as I can come to reality TV.

Thanks for inspiring me to post on one of my personal heroes JS Mill.

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