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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More assaults on national sovereignty ;-)


Thai said...

Of course it people played by the rules we would not need this nonsense.

Since they don't, maybe we do

Be well

JP said...

Gold's entering the "public phase" of it's secular bull market now.

Look for more gold excitement everywhere.

I loved that Gold ATM, Thai.

Once your friends and family start getting excited about gold, you know that the public is in.

My wife first mentioned being excited about gold when it passed $1000 per ounce.

Sadly, the easiest money in gold has already been made.

Thai said...

My advisor just sold most of my DBA and switched to GLD.

FYI- I really don't follow this closely but when my adviser does trade (which is actually quite rare, probably no more than a few changes twice a year around the time of re-balancing which he does every 3 months), I get email alerts from the brokerage house as a kind of FYI and I got a bunch of these last night.

I don't know what % gold is of my portfolio but a quick estimate probably puts it close to 5-6% of my total portfolio now.

Thai said...

But not the easiest money in German equities ;-)


They export, their currency is collapsing, they have lots of wind power

... But I don't know what percentage of their index is export related

Dr John said...

It will not play for me. What happens?

Thai said...

Can you hum a few more bars?

Which perspective do you refer to here, you lost me.

Dr John said...

I am at my Steinway. I will play it for you.

No the Youtube video would not play.

Thai said...


It just talks about how an ATM dispenses gold for cash or credit cards and has been set up in a hotel in Abu Dhabi

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