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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saying "thanks" to the Flying Spaghetti Monster...

Sometimes we must stop and truly say "thanks".

Trying to be a good dad, a few years ago I went in with a couple of buddies and purchased Washington Wizards season tickets. The Wizards are no LA Lakers but the games are fun and the team was improving (a few years ago). Then this past season, Gilbert Arenas decides to go all postal on his fans: talk about your Black Swans!!!.

All I can say is "it was a very long season" this past winter. Arenas literally destroyed the team.

PS- a buddy of mine is their chief legal council (he negotiates all the trades) and the stories I could share but won't...

Let's just say the Wizards were in rebuilding mode this year. Watching JP's Miami Heat spank us was simply beyond truly painful.

Last night everything changed as the Flying Spaghetti Monster decided to touch us with his appendage and bestow THE NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK!

Now I'm not saying I know they will pick John Wall as I really don't know and my friend won't say.

But if they don't, I'm not sure that I'm renewing my season tickets this year as they are no longer worthy of my attentions being such FU(#@!!NG MORONS!!!!!

Here is hoping they don't do something stupid; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.


Thai said...

For comments

Dink said...

"as they are no longer worthy of my attentions being such FU(#@!!NG MORONS!!!!!"

I can feel your blood pressure rise when I read this. To be safe, you shouldn't read the sports page outside your ED.

Spaghetti Monster

I love this. And you can't deny that pirates have decreased and global warming has increased (I'm sure the Freakonomics author can back up the correlation too).

As you know, I haven't been religious. But last night watching some cable channel I saw this. And Behold; I am converted. Clearly, this is otherworldly cool and therefore immaculately conceived. OMFG. OMFG. OMFG!

P.S. I saw the Myhrvold TED post, but haven't watched it yet. In a town of hard-core geeks, he is regarded as supreme alpha geek. Tremble before him. I look forward to seeing what he says.

Dink said...

(not sure why the link didn't work)

Dr John said...

Thai, how many NRA members do you know?

I am not one although I own several firearms. I can assure you every NRA member I know would never treat a firearm with such recklessness. Frankly I don't think such behavior is indicative of the type of person who joins the NRA at all and the only similarity between an NRA member and a thug like this is they both possess guns.

I seriously doubt any of the cases you care for in your ER have involved NRA members in any way.

Maybe I am wrong and this guy is a full fledged badge carrying NRA member but I doubt it.

Thai said...

Oops, you are right. Old habits die hard. I just changed the post's language so as not to offend.

My bad

Be well

PS- I'll have to change it again if any Postal workers write in ;-)

Dr John said...

I would say it takes a lot to offend me but I do appreciate the correction.

I do not know where you stand on guns although I know you own no guns and I can understand your dislike of them given your work.

My own views are that the world would be better off if there were no guns at all...or nuclear weapons for that matter. Given that there are guns in the world and we cannot change this with any laws, I want one too. The tragic story you posted is in part why. It is a complex issue. One huge mistake I see those on the "gun control" side making is they lump all gun owners into the same group. Everyone I know who owns a gun is deeply respectful of it as well as more importantly the "rule of law". They would be as disgusted with a punk like that if not more so than an anti-gun person.

Thanks for the correction. John

Thai said...

I don't like them and I do see their effects.

But seeing they exist also makes me very aware the genie cannot and will not ever be put back in bottle.

Further, I agree with those who say "guns don't kill people, people kill people".

If I were King of the World, I would not touch guns at all (though I might impose some taxes on them to pay for some of the externalities they cause).

Indeed, they would not be on my radar screen.

Lots of people I admire have guns and I've never even heard of a problem with them whereas I have heard of problems with people's home table saws, lawn mowers, etc...

The responsible gun owner is not the issue and I can see why they would be frustrated that they be singled out for the irresponsible acts of others.

If the following helps: I tend to impose an single artificial linearity on the world (that probably does not exist in reality) where once you are an adult, you are equal with everyone else on this planet and as such you have certain "responsibilities" to go along with your "rights".

Society does function on rules which are implicit if not actually agreed to.

You have as much responsibility to not shout "fire!" in a crowded theater as the theater owner does to make sure there are decent exists if their is a fire.

I'm not sure I always fond of this idea that "the deep pocket pay" which is a kind of practical matter that the legal profession discovered a while back.

... Perhaps JP has some thoughts on this topic he might share with us?

Anyway, I do realize we actually live in a non-linear world and that my artificial linear imposition on this reality causes its own externalitites. I've never come up with a good solution to this. ;-)

Dr John said...

You have my vote as benevolent dictator.

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