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Monday, May 17, 2010

Glen Beck is an Idiot!

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Thai said...

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Dr John said...

You know it is too bad about Glen Beck. I used to listen to his radio show years ago. He took a much calmer libertarian slant to looking at issues and was free of the condescension and hyperbole you now see on his TV show. I would add however from what I have seen of Louis Black, it is the pot calling the kettle black. There are very, very few I can stand to listen to for more than 60's seconds. Charles Krauthammer is the only one that comes to mind who I listen too. Regardless of how you feel about what he says, he never comes off as a snippy prick like Beck or Stewart or Olbermann or O'Reilly.I wish the guy had his own show. I guess he is too civil and that makes for boring TV and politics.

Frankly I could hardly name one political commentator who has his own show that I can tolerate and who is free of the kind of elitist sarcasm they all display in debates with those they disagree with. I guess TV like politics corrupts. All I can say is Glen Beck was not so histrionic when he was just on the radio nor did he come off as the idiot he does now.

Thai said...

I think your right TV does corrupt.

I do like John Stewart even if he is a smug bastard. Indeed, I even like Bill Maher when he is doing his stand up comedy A LA I'm Swiss! but when he gets into the role of wise liberal pundit, I find him a bit much.

I can laugh at humor I don't always 100% politically agree with.

So if you grant me my comic indulgences, I'll grant you yours. ;-)

Dr John said...

I agree on a truce and plenty of room as far as comic indulgence goes. I do not find politics to guffaw inspiring I admit.

I think that is part of the problem. It is tough for someone to play both slapstick comic goof making over the top political observations and then have them just say "stop, now take what I say as serious and at face value". That is why I don't look to comics much for political commentary.

I would rather listen to George Will for a bit than tune into Chappelle reruns to watch Tyrone promote drug awareness

Dink said...

I had no idea Beck was ever reasonable. I guess when he signed on to Fox he had to agree to a certain, uh, .... (well you can all fill in the obscenity of your choosing; I was going with "dick-ishness).

Lewis Black had a show for a season called "The Root of All Evil". He was a judge and two comedians acted as lawyers who tried to argue which of their clients was the greater evil. Comedians like Patton Oswald and Greg Giraldo arguing whether the Catholic Church or Oprah Winfrey was worse. Terrible, terrible things were said ;)

He was calmer when not discussing politics. In this Beck bit you can see the palpable tension in him. I thought he was going to hurl that mug at someone. But I always perk up when the AC/DC theme song starts on the Daily Show; you know a storm is brewing.

Dr John said...

Dink said "Comedians like Patton Oswald and Greg Giraldo arguing whether the Catholic Church or Oprah Winfrey was worse."

That is brilliant. They are both evil in very different ways. I wish I could have heard that. You know it is hard to name very many people or organizations which wield great power or influence who do not come off as evil on some level.

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