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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, we finally did it...

Unleash the philosophical dogs of war, the day has finally come.

PS- I'm in the "and this is a good thing" camp but I see there is going to be a firestorm.

It is what it is

PPS- JP, any thoughts on patent issues you care to share?


Thai said...

For comments

JP said...

I figure that you should be able to patent the geonome for whatever "artifical life" you create.

After all, patents are limited in time and once expired, the information enters the public domain.

This is going to become a form of industrial/information technology and should ultimately create some sort of economic "leading sector", allowing more debt to be created during some future secular stock market boom. ;)

This is quite different from patenting naturally occurring DNA and calling it "yours."

Thai said...

Not knowing much about this distinction- though now you mention it I seem to remember reading some articles a long time ago about just this but I don't remember what they said- can you hum a few more bars?

Thai said...

PS- I never congratulated your Duke National Championship win this year


Edwardo said...

In situations such as this I am wont to act as something of a wet blanket, and say that "We know not what we do." And we don't seem to be able to help it also. A very impressive feat nonetheless.

Thai said...

I think you are correct Edwardo. But like Columbus sailing to the New World- and we all know the history that ensued thereafter- I think the proverbial ship has left the port and is indeed past the point of recall.

We live in interesting times

JP said...

I just wish that Duke had won the national championship in 1999 when I was actually sitting in a fraternity dorm and waiting for them to beat UConn so that I could watch the bonfires light up.

They lost by 2 points, I think.

With respect to patents, you can't patent a natually occurring substance.

There was some recent big case about it, but I didn't read it.

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