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Friday, May 14, 2010

When we don't coopeate...

This is what happens.

As a 4th generation Californian, I'm simply astonished.

My heart goes out to everyone, including The Governator

This is really sad


Thai said...

For comments

Dr John said...

I wonder if they will cut the bloated underfunded public pension programs?

Will California go into default?

It would seem to be wonderful example of the long term consequences of spending far more than you got.How can the Fed Govt.not be far behind.California needs its own currency so it can just print some more I quess.

Dr John said...

From another post and based on your tendency to link me to disturbing but very compelling web pages: do you see us as being doomed as a society Thai? I must admit every year that goes by, I worry how fragile the system is and how easy it could be tipped over. Many days I do wish I was farming and living off the grid and frankly this is my dream retirement. John

Dink said...

Man, there are so many directions to take with this.

Risking like sounding like a prick, I'll admit that upon seeing the number "900,000 children" one of my first reactions was anger at their parents. How could so many people bring little ones into this world without any freaking plan on how they were going to take care of them? They were irresponsible and now they're basically holding CA hostage saying "I bet you won't dare to be as ruthless to my kids as I am". I want to protect the kids, but still find a way to punish their parents. Anyway, that was the emotional gut reaction. Maybe I can think about it later without growling and wanting vengence.

" worry how fragile the system is and how easy it could be tipped over. Many days I do wish I was farming and living off the grid and frankly this is my dream retirement"

That link yesterday was well-written. It consistently looked at a civilization as a system instead of taking multiple perspectives. Its hard not to keep shifting perspectives sometimes.

I'd like to live on a self-sustaining farm too. Not to be antisocial, just to feel some safety in not be reliant on shaky infrastructure. In fact, a self-sustaining commune would be much more fun (a probably more viable). I'm willing to give up some complexity (glad to in some cases), but hopefully we can keep some of the niceties born of the unsustainable bubbles.

Thai said...

Nice comment Dink and I completely agree.

I really do understand as I too can feel this same spectrum of emotion. I get so frustrated when I feel it is this giant game of chicken to see who blinks first.

You are getting better at flipping perspectives by the way.

FWIW, as I have gotten better at flipping to the collective perspective, people like Krugman have become much easier to understand.

And a farm has its appeal but it has just as much potential for collapse as any other system.

Reference anything on the grate famines of history.

Safety is an illusion

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