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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wouldn't you just love one for your backyard?

PS- I don't think they could do this without fractals ;-)


Thai said...

For comments

Dr John said...

Those look cool but I have a hard time believing they could be manufactured and produced as well as distributed in such numbers as to make a real difference.You would seem to need them positioned and as diffuse in numbers as street lamps.

If DDT eradicated malaria in the states maybe the cost benefit analysis of using it compels us to really reconsider its use as this guy writes

Thai said...

I thought the same thing but then I remembered that I have a home HP printer sitting next to me as I type and it is not that different than this.

The Asian Tiger Mosquitoes in the DC area are something wicked when the weather gets warm.

Anything in the war against them deserves the Nobel imho.

Thai said...

I have also know a couple toxicologists (as I'm sure your aware, toxicology is one of Emergency Medicine's few sub-specializations) that have very similar opinions to the the writer of this DDT piece.

I've even listened to ACEP lecturers on the myths of DDT.

I can't really comment myself since I haven't read the primary data but I'll validate that this not a fringe opinion.

Dr John said...

By the way, what happens if other creatures get in the way? That can't be good.

Thai said...

I know I wondered the same thing.

... Or if it accidentally hits you on the eye, etc...?

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