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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Along the quest to find the BEC in my head...

A delightful gentleman suggested I take look at this. ;-)

Be well


Thai said...

For comments

Dink said...

Dynamic. So messy! But that mess is what its all about. Atoms playing volleyball with electons. Can't be avoided.

But hopefully we can keep the dynamics within certain ranges to keep things vaguely understandable.

Which makes me think (briefly, because its hard) about BECs. They must flucuate between times of condensation and scatter; they can't be statically condensed. And so we can extrapolate that we have to shift out and into cooperation.

So I take you weren't blown away by that antiviral SciAm link?

Thai said...

I don't remember an anti viral link

I loved the space time link.

Let me look again

Thai said...

Oh, I did read it. It is interesting but time will tell.

The fact I've heard little in addition to this suggests at a minimum that the word is not out on the street and there can be a reason for that.

Dink said...

"It is interesting but time will tell."

True. But my mind got to wandering about the ramifications of all these diseases being cured within the next year. So many researchers out of work; an army of really bright people flooding into other areas. Intriguing cross-pollenization possibilities.

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