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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still paying for his/our sins...

So Nixon really did get rid of the line item veto...

All I can say is "WHAT A FU"(!)ING !)!0T@#!!!&(!!!"

Nixon permitted the repeal of a functional line item veto used since the time of Thomas Jefferson.

... Of course you could argue (and I would agree) that we voters really did it to ourselves in our overzealous wish to "throw all the bums out". E.g "down with imperial power" and all, etc...

By the way, take a closer look at when US Federal debt really did start to take off in earnest lest you think there might be no correlations:

The first rapid uptick in federal debt started in 1973-74, right when impoundment was eliminated. And while it is true that federal debt briefly dropped (a little) in 1977-78, I think we all see this drop was both small and brief.


Thai said...

No more gum for presidents

Dink said...

First, some back comments:

@ John: You have my vote. And how in the hell can a person go to an ED 49x for drug issues? I'm telling you, Drug Island...

@Thai: I don't know if it differs by state, but here we have EMTs and paramedics and I'm honestly not sure of the difference. I looked at one of the links "Should EMS intubate in the field?". I think the end recommendation was "tracheal puncture". That's gotta ruin the whole rest of your day, eh?

@Nixon: Apres moi, la deluge. F the consequences. What a prick!

I haven't posted in a while. I think I'll post something today in which I'll sound like more of a prick than Nixon.

Dr John said...

1)Why did that happen under Nixon? He had to have some help right.

2)Now that I have Dink's vote what am I in charge of?

3)Thai tell Dink what EMTALA is and why you cannot stop people from going to ER's or we go to jail.

Thai said...

As I said, we were all responsible. I'm sure my parents were there with everyone else in the streets protesting against Dick and I was being pulled along to the demonstration.

As for EMTALA.



My eyelid is twitching

Dink said...


My eyelid is twitching"

That is so awesome. How does he do that? I'm trying right now, but I keep winding up with one eyelid closed and the other twitching. Or both twitching. Or one open with the other blinking slowly with my forhead and cheek muscles getting involved. I'm sure I look like a total idiot.

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