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Monday, May 24, 2010

Health Care Bubble Ideas

I'm going to start research into the subject of value in health care spending (a moral minefield if ever one existed which actually makes it rather interesting to me). In particular, I'm going to start looking at where I think some of the lowest value spending resides in health care and what public companies/bonds currently exist in these spaces and what/how they are supported by this low value spending.

I'm simply curious to know if any of you have ever had any thoughts on this subject.

For just like everything else, health spending value is non-linear. Some is low value and some is high. And just as low value sub-prime was the first part of the housing system to blow wide open, so too will low value products and services be eliminated in the health care shake out.

Please share any and all thoughts.

PS- One of the nicer things about the internet is how much of the work others have already done for you. ;-)

(This is an Excel file from UK's NHS NICE Website which says where they think the low hanging fruit lie)

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