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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Artistic Merit

Might I suggest some Netflix choices?

Visually stunning, The Fall offers art without too much art geek obnoxiousness.

Kind of a Russian thriller with a style a la Matrix, Nightwatch and its sequel Daywatch. I didn't invest too much into following the supernatural plot, but I still enjoyed.

Mongol was made by a Russian director using mainly locals for the cast. I can't speak for historical accuracy, but being Genghis Khan didn't look all that fun.

And for equal parts martial arts and plain art, Hero (English Title) was worth the time.


Dr John said...

That looks very interesting Dink. How are production values? They look a little suspect from the trailer. I loved Pans Labyrinth. I wept like a child at the end. Did you see that movie. Is it in that vein?

Dink said...

" How are production values?"

I think legitimate amounts of cash were spent in all five! And effort made in all cases. As <1/2 says, they weren't "Bruckheimered".

Pans Labyrinth was exceptional. But all I recall about the ending was the woman shooting the Franco bastard and saying "He'll never even know your name". I did cry at Peter Jackson's King King remake; its seemed to me that I was the only tearjerked person in the theater.

Which leads us to The Hobbit. Peter Jackson is producing and Guillermo Del Toro (directed of Pan's Labyrinth) will be directing. Are you, like me, whizzing yourself at what this could mean?

I've always loved surreal, over-the-top (yet still comprehendible) cinema. Terry Gilliam is a favorite and I wish he didn't have this strange curse (budget catastrophes, actors dying).

Wes Anderson has an interesting, quirky style (Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic). He's one you either love or hate.

Dr John said...

"Are you, like me, whizzing yourself at what this could mean?"

You make me laugh Dink. Yes I am whizzing. Have you heard is this in production?

I remember sneaking out of class in medical school to go see the huge financial flop "The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen" I was the only person in a huge theater. It was creepy but I liked it anyway.

I liked Rushmore but could not endure any of the others.

Thai said...

I've only seen Mongol but the others are totally new to me so thanks

I love Terry Gilliam though I was a little disappointed by Brazil. It wasn't bad but not as good as his others imho.

I'm not sure why but I've never seen any of the Wes Anderson flick's though I have meant to rent them for years.

I'm way optimistic about Jackson's Hobbit but the story is just not at good as LOTR.

What I'd really love to see is Jackson make is The Silmarillion. So let's hope the rumors are more than just that.

Dink said...

"Have you heard is this in production?"

I hear different things at different times. It seems I last heard a start date of June 2010 and release date of Dec 2012. Which is wholly intolerable, but I suppose we'll have to find a way to cope.

""The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen"

True audacity in scope. A pleasure. For me, Time Bandits remains the pinnacle of imagination. And it was funny to boot.

"I liked Rushmore but could not endure any of the others"

Perhaps someday you might give The Life Aquatic a second chance. It isn't solid gold, but there are occasional nuggets.

"I was a little disappointed by Brazil"

Agreed. Jabberwocky was an odd little thing too, but again, nuggets to be had. I'm an ambivalent Hunter S. Thompson fan (he was funny, but perhaps an asshole)and I was very excited when I heard Gilliam was doing "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". It worked on most levels.

"I'm way optimistic about Jackson's Hobbit but the story is just not at good as LOTR."

Yeah, you can kind of feel that Tolkein started with the intent of a children's book and then took a sharp turn. Smog's lair could be cool. Bilbo meeting Gollum could be made super creepy. I'm very, very curious about how they'll choose to do the story.

"What I'd really love to see is Jackson make is The Silmarillion"

You're killing me!!!! You see, The Silmarillion kicked my ass. Most books can't do this, but this one did. I couldn't keep track of what the hell was happening and I really wanted to. Too many characters doing too many things over too great a time span. Elves living longer than humans and occasional mating so somehow people were "their own grandpas". The elf who crafted the rings, Feanor?, that was an intriguing tale of madness. In short, The Silmarillion was Tolkein's fractal work which broke my brain ;)

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