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Friday, April 23, 2010

There is no life west of the Chesapeake Bay

I finally got to take the kids out on the boat tonight

What did you think I would name her? ;-)


Thai said...

For comments

Dr John said...

When do we all get together for a weekend of fishing and beer?

Thai said...

Your all invited whenever you're in the DC/Annapolis area.

I just picked it up from an internet repossession dealer on ebay- most impulsive purchase of my life.

But it does seem to work great. Hopefully it will not turn into one of those "the two best days of a boaters life..." stories.

Time will tell

Dink said...

You named her well. Of course you may be arousing the curiosity of surly physicists in the area who will try to debate you. Hopefully not in front of the kids.

" most impulsive purchase of my life."

Nice! Remember that movie "Red October" where the captain would order a "Crazy Ivan" every once in a while (to see if they were being followed by another sub)? Impulse has its place in a healthy psyche ;)

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