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Monday, April 26, 2010

I changed the font and template just for fun

Don't be alarmed

FYI (as if it wasn't obvious to all by now) Greece is toast

Push up the date of the health bubble popping. We really should formulate a plan as things like this blow only once in a few lifetimes and you want to be ready when the typhoon comes.

FWIW, it truly is sad we cannot reach agreement as a society. I blame all of us, myself included.


Thai said...


Dr John said...

That is fun.

Dr John said...

By the way I am going on record as taking no responsibility. I agree with Thai. It was his fault.

Joking aside. Thai why would you say such a thing?

Thai said...

Bubbles can only happen when everyone continues to prop them up, and I mean everyone.

Take the whole issue of defensive medicine for instance. It is real, and while some physicians I know say your an idiot if you do not practice that way, on the other hand my selfishness in practicing defensive medicine expands the bubble bigger.

I wrote the following a while ago and I still have not completed this series which has some of the same message.

Dr John said...

Well I agree with that Thai when it comes to antibiotics and even in some ways to defensive medicine but at some point laying blame at the feet of us all(Greece) almost elevates it to original sin. You could take direct action to alter your prescribing and medical practice, even at your own peril. You wisely have pointed out to me the risks of doing so.

How should you have altered your personal behavior in regards to Greece? If there is not a similar answer or opportunity to make such a change I reject your acceptance of blame.

Thai said...

Oops, I guess I'm not being precise. My bad

I don't blame myself for Greece. I do blame myself for a small part of the health care bubble, though it started long before I got in medicine and I don't know how to slow it down. Ever time I think I'm going to reduce defensive medicine, I'm reminded I will quickly lose my job if I do as no insurer would ever cover me and I can't practice without insurance by employment contract.

As for Greece. The Greeks have made their own bed in my opinion. Why anyone would lend them a dime today is beyond me unless they have priority in payback over all old debt and I'm not sure they can do that, can they?

Dr John said...

Good I was starting to worry about you.

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