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Sunday, April 18, 2010


In line with my last fluff post and at this time having no motivation to post anything of intellectual value(Thai, Dink and Debra are doing great) my post is about a deliciously bad movie I watched last night. In the past I looked for movies to challenge me emotionally and intellectually but entertain me less. Now I have no desire to see suffering on film or think much. As much as I was moved by Debra's post on the movie she saw it was not the kind of film I would likely want to watch. I sit with suffering people all day. I read books or things like this blog to make me think. I want to watch the Soprano's when I sit down to a TV or Lord of The Rings for the 31st time.. Despite knowing better I rented 2012' on Netflix. It is hard for me to even come up with meaningful words to describe how bad this movie is. There are films that are in fact so bad that at some point you begin to enjoy them because they are so bad and you find yourself laughing and unable to turn them off because of this. You sit there slack jaw wondering if the makers knew all along what they were releasing and laughing the entire time. Also because you have invested so much time you feel you have to see it through. Please give me any of your all time worst movies so that I may enjoy them as well.


Edwardo said...

Disaster movies of this sort, or really any sort, are almost always awe inspiring in their badness. I won't be seeing this one unless I need a laugh and feel I can justify the waste the time. They must have paid John Cusack a lot of money to be in this POS, but then again he doesn't lend himself to good movies most of the time.

Thai said...

Easy, definitely Madonna's Shanghai Surprise.

Worst movie of all time

Dink said...

1) I can think of no way to turn the Fibronacci Spiral into a pick up line for the beach girl.

2) This movie was absolute crap. You'll shoot your TV, I swear.

3) What you should really Netflix is season 2 of "The Flight of the Conchords". These two New Zealanders have the best satirical songs in the business. HBO hired them to incorporate there songs into a comedy series. After two years they said it was too much work so they quit. Though I regret the loss of the series, I respect their relaxed nature. Its important that you get season 2 first, but then watch the series in sequence from there. I can explain later.

Debra said...

Great post.
I haven't seen a disaster movie in years.
I plead guilty.
I am an obnoxious egghead.
I don't go to see bad movies... (though I THINK I can understand why people do ;-) .But then I have no excuse, since there is no stress, no work in my life that I have to decompress from...
I can't REMEMBER any really bad movies. In and out my head, pffft.
The Lord of the Rings was PRETTY bad in my opinion.
Next to the book.

Dr John said...

Thai, I saw Shanghai Surprise for about 10 mins when it came out. Maybe it's time again.

Dink that music video is hysterical. My wife and I looking for something to go to as we are into season 6 of the boxed set of the Sopranos and will have nothing soon. So watch season 2 first?

Debra did you like Lord of the Rings books?

Debra said...

Yeah, I liked the Lord of the Rings when I read it.
Tolkien was an egghead too...
Probably if a labcoat had got hold of Tolkien at the time he wrote Lord of the Rings, he would have ended up embedded in Dink's hospital.
Like lots of other people, incidentally...
I haven't checked out Lord of the Rings for a while, though. I have Dante's Inferno somewhere on my list of things to be read before I
And there's Beowulf to ressurect too, in the old mythology section.

Debra said...

Awww, Doctor John...
You don't think that thinking is fun ?
I do.
I LOVE thinking.
Good job too, because since I don't know how to turn it off I would be pretty unhappy if I didn't love it.

Thai said...

Dink, amen ;-)

Debra said...

Yeah dink...
I am light years away from having a body like the beach girl these days, but I SEEM TO REMEMBER that way back then.. the Fibronacci Spiral WOULD NOT HAVE PICKED ME UP ON THE BEACH...
Life is the pits, right ?
THESE DAYS.. when my body DOESN'T look that girl's any more... the Fibronacci Spiral MIGHT have a better chance...
Gotta try out more movies like Desert Flower if you want to pick up that girl on the beach.. ;-)

Dr John said...

Sure Deb I think thinking is fun. It is why I enjoy your posts on linguistics and posts on Fibronacci are wonderful. There are certain times however what I want is to be passively entertained and not to "think". I want movies to do this for me. This may permit some really terrific movies to slide by me but I will save my thinking for the Saloon.

Dink said...

"The Lord of the Rings was PRETTY bad in my opinion."

No one gives a rat's ass about your opinion of LOTR (disclaimer-this was honestly the most civil response I could come up with)

"So watch season 2 first?"

Yes, this is how I did it. The first season they wrote the scripts themselves; not that they weren't funny, but its an acquired taste. And its important that you watch season 2 (of 2) in sequence so you the characters and dynamics before you come across the Australian episode.

The Australian episode is the funniest episode of any series ever created. Kiwis and Aussies have a long rivalry. Jemaine gets drunk and accidently sleeps with an Aussie girl. God damn hilarity ensues. It is better than the epileptic dog fundraiser episode. It is better than the episode where one of them has to become a male prostitute. I do not say these things lightly. Thai-you should Netflix it too and we can coordinate viewings (I bought the DVDs). I don't think you have Netflix in France, Debra, but clearly they took exactly one semester of French at some point in their lives.

"Dink, amen ;-)"

The link didn't come with context. Are these majors and % likelihood of prolonged virginity?

Debra said...

I meant the films, not the book, Dink.
Although I actually kind of liked number 2, the battle scenes. They were good.
I like epic stuff, honestly.
But I think some of the earlier peplums were better than LOTR, as you say. They were less.. slick.

Thai said...

The Lord of the Rings movies were awesome.

This is neither subject to opinion or interpretation as any view to the contrary is neither.

Dr John said...

Lord of The Rings Trilogy is for me where it begins and ends in movie making. Perfection. If it is on I am watching it over and over. Dink I will Netflix season 2. Thanks John

Debra said...

Geez... how OLD are you guys ??
Is there a generation gap between us, in addition to a culture gap ?
My father watched "The Ten Commandments", Cecil B DeMille when my brother was being delivered, 50 years ago.
I liked "The Robe", along the peplum line. It was one of my favorites.
Good job that there's something for everyone in this world, right ? Still ?

Dr John said...

Maybe it's a guy thing Debra? My wife loves them all too though.

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