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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not really sure which file to classify this one in...

Don't you just love Virginians?

I generally find them polite (if not a bit wild as drivers). But now I can thank them for even more job security just as I was beginning to get anxious.

Sometimes I simply have to scratch my head in wonder at how we ever made it beyond tadpole as a species.

Though to be fair, regional variation in genetic differences are a reality. Perhaps Virginia politicians simply have a few extra copies of this residing their cellular nuclei.

I guess it could explain things.

Maybe it will work out for the best if Virginian's form a pay as you go fund which pays for this (Keynesian stimulus package?) with more casinos? ;-)


Thai said...

Be well

Dink said...

That's it. I refuse to ever be more than 300 miles from the Pacific Ocean; you people are out of your freaking minds!

BTW, as seen on the Colbert Report, Harry Reid's opponent has suggested that instead of Health Care Reform, that people barter with their MDs. Colbert suggested 1 chicken = 1 coronary stent.

Dr John said...

I love Virginians!

JP said...

One of my friends is a professional Thomas Jefferson.

He got to be on the Colbert Report with two other Thomas Jeffersons.

Thai said...

TJ, I love him too! Indeed for most of my life, he was my main revolutionary war/founding father hero.

Yet the juxtaposition of Jefferson's ideals vs. the mess he made of his personal life and the wake it left for others close to him have somewhat diminished my overall reverence of him since. While I still love his ideals, honest, still I take them with more skepticism the older I get.

I don't think you can do justice to Jefferson the idealist, or see these ideals as anything but caricature, without also recognizing this complexity about him.

JP said...

So, have any of you though about the theory that Jefferson had Asperger's Syndrome?

That's featured in the book Diagnosing Jefferson by Norm Ledgin.

From the product description:

"This offering, written by a historian who has a son with Asperger's Syndrome, examines Thomas Jefferson, one of the United States' most brilliant Presidents and his many behaviors that match the Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis. The book gives fascinating insight into Jefferson as well as documenting the multiple factors that contribute to this diagnosis."

Dr John said...

I have seen many pts with so called Asperger's Syndrome. Aside from the fact it is likely just a variant of an autistic spectrum disorder which run on a broad spectrum, I have no idea how anyone could make this assertion. I am reading the biography of Paul Dirac. He sounds like this(restricted interests, pedantic speech, no clear ability to display empathy or understand non-verbal communication).I do not know how one could read the writings of Jefferson and look at his use of language and come away with this.Maybe I just do not know enough about Jefferson. What does the author say?

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