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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mike Schmid. "The High Cost of Living"

Since Debra posted how she was moved by the movie she saw on the mutilation of African women, I decided to do something similar. I am most often moved emotionally by music. Every once in a while I hear an artist that makes me feel that it is criminal that their music is not widely heard. There is so much crap on the radio. Even XM which I have a subscription too. I heard this guy on Pandora. The entire album this comes off of is in my opinion magical as far as the genre. It comes off the album "The High Cost of Living". I know this post carries no intellectual wt. and does not deal with mirror symmetry or complex social issues but damn his music makes me happy. I hope it does that to one of you like it does to me! John



Thai said...

Thanks. He reminds me a little Jack Johnson.

Edwardo said...

I enjoyed that. I feel it's destined to become part of a movie soundtrack...tomorrow.

Dr John said...

Edwardo, can I ask what you mean it will be part of a movie soundtrack tomorrow, if I may?

Dink said...

"can I ask what you mean it will be part of a movie soundtrack tomorrow, if I may?"

Hollywood has an amazing ability to pick up a great new song and whore it out within hours. Also amusing is when some ad company uses a clearly inappropriate song to sell cars. Best example would be Iggy Pop's Lust For Life; its catchy as hell, but the lyrics...well, inappropriate ;)

I have XM too; I despise that when they merged with Sirius they absorbed all these obnoxious DJs. Now Pandora is a treat. Through it I came across an old favorite:

Which I can't believe is now 30 freaking years old

Dr John said...

Wow Dink. I am an 80's child. Love the Cure. Best music lyric ever with a Cure reference.
Ben Folds Five. Album:Whatever and Ever Amen. Song- The Battle of Who Could Care Less.

"I've got this great idea
Why don't we pitch it to the Franklin Funkin Mint:
Fine pewter portraits of General Apathy and Major Boredom
Singing whatever and ever amen ...
...Oh well, maybe not - I'll try again
This should cheer you up for sure
See, I've got your old I.D.
And you're all dressed up like the Cure"

Most clever pop writer of all time I think. I agree about XM. I had both XM in one car and Sirius in another. Now XM sucks. I just got a new car and it has a trial XM freebie for 3 months. I will not be staying on.

Debra said...

Thanks... this made me happy.
That's it. No.. qualifier afterwards...

One TEENY TINY (!!!) correction on my piece about Waris. I was not zeroing in on excision in it.

Dr John said...

I get you Debra. That was just the part that hit home for me in your post that I am familiar with. The lady sounds remarkable. Sounds like a very compelling film.

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