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Friday, April 23, 2010

On a lighter note

Monty Python and the surreal


Thai said...

We need to keep it light

Debra said...

Too late to keep it light, Thai.
One remark, since I'm on the way out the door.
This debacle would not have happened if this structure were more like my loony forum.
People kill for ideas. Christ. Democracy. Abstractions.
If you have a structure where there is no dog sniffing, no place to shoot the breeze about the wife and kids, no place to say, hey, I'm really down today, the way I really am today about what happened, Dink and I MIGHT have been able to iron out our difficulties while talking about Walla Walla pea fields/wheat fields and finding common ground. Washington is a beautiful state. I know. I lived there.
But... the blog will not do this.
Because... just talking about ideas, no matter how noble or spiffy they are, will not forge the commons.
Gotta dog sniff too.
And you gotta let Desdemona live.
No Desdemona, no society. Just devastation.
That is the REAL tragedy of the commons, Thai.
And it's taking the Western world down.
Happy sailing, Thai.
Have fun this summer.

Dr John said...

I like it light too. I remember being a kid and staying up on Sunday nights to watch Python on PBS. None of my friends had any idea what it was. I would laugh until I wet myself. I now am again at an age where Python can make me wet myself. After Python was taken off PBS I found Second City at 10pm on Sunday's.Again none of my friends but one knew anything about it.

Dr Tongue's 3D House of Stewardesses takes it to another level.

Thai said...

How are your link skills coming along?

Dr John said...

Clearly not very well my friend as you can see by my post.(although youtube would not allow me to embed the second city link) I studied the link you sent but could not figure out how to embed anything from it. You see it turns out I am not very bright...

I am searching for some other pages which teach such skills for those who possess more primitive cognitive abilities, such as myself.

I am not smart but I am persistent.:)

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