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Sunday, April 11, 2010



Dink said...

Okay, that clearly sucked. Thai, can you walk me through the process?

If you do copy and paste the link into google you will be led to a video from the Terry Gilliam movie "Twelve Monkeys". LJ Washington (the man in the tuxedo) gives a very amusing and touching speech.

Thai said...

There are a number of methods depending on where you got the video.

If the video is on a website, there are two main choices

1. The video will have an embed option in the right lower corner such that if you open it and copy all the code and past it to your post, the video will appear (note this is not the same that the website link to the site where the video is located)

2. You can download the video to your computer's desktop and then upload it to the post when you click the video button.

This looks like you just picked up the you tube web address from what I have.

... Think fractal ;-)

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