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Monday, April 19, 2010

Interesting Posts

Please share your thoughts on this interesting post by Arnold Kling.

I found it particularly interesting in light of the following.

And in a nod to JP's generational dynamics reference, score one for the observers who see even more complexity in this story.

... I guess this alleviates some of the problems then. ;-)

Be well


Thai said...


Debra said...

Who is the ruling class ?
Is it homogenous ?
Are Democrat/liberals who have lots of money and power thinking along the same lines as Republicans ?
What do you think ?
From here, I see lots of polarization in political/social attitudes. What do you see ?

Thai, if you didn't understand my structural linguistics post, I wasn't putting it across well. What specifically didn't you get ?

JP said...

The tea party is likely going to be the vehicle through which political change is going to take place over the next decade.

From a "generational dynamics" standpoint, the mass of people make the decisions. The "elite" does not much get a vote, so to speak. At the moment, the "elite" seems to be losing credibility at a rapid clip. They aren't going to get it back anytime soon since the populist direction seems to be moving away from "respect for elite authority".

See the "French Revolution" for further details on an extreme variation on this theme.

There is some sort of political reallignment taking place in the United States.

By 2025, we will be looking at a completely different political environment.

Debra said...

There are psychological reasons why we inevitably create our elites and then... charge them with our infantile ambivalence about being told what to do.
Voluntary servitude has been around since the Stone Age. If not before..

Dr John said...

JP, please elaborate on your predictions. I too think the Tea Party will have some legs to a certain degree. I am a libertarian and do not align with much of anything but freedom and feel I have no voice anymore.I have many friends who have disparate views but like me feel that the "elites" on all sides have too much power. What do you see things looking at by 2025?

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