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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pattern Recognition

My impression is that some religious folk believe that the opposite of their belief in all all-controlling deity is random chaos. Order as they know it or anarchy. In between these two black and white poles lies something fascinating, though. Order from unknown rules; cause and effect from unknown rules.....

Delicious! "I must know", you say! Me too!

What am I going on about, you ask? I have a weird sense that 2010 will be a great year. Hmmm, the skeptic has gone soft? Delusions of fate and psychic vision? No. But wouldn't recognizing the organic foundation of something that is going to bloom/evolve appear like revelation of the future? Pattern recognition.

Ridiculous! Yet I feel very enthusiastic. I read a lot of really good sci-fi while on vacation. I got a wicked cool box of electronica for a Mithrasmas gift. Maybe the martial arts will be involved in my New Year's resolutions. Sweet!!!

Hope y'all had a wonderful time last week :)


Debra said...

I'm religious, dinky, but I don't believe in an all controling deity.
That belief is an.. immature one.
Hope your Christmas was nice.
Keep us posted about your alternatives...

Thai said...

Definitely got me curious enough to comment while skiing in West Virginia.

Please share

Hope you had a great vacation

Dink said...

I didn't know that there was skiing in W. VA! Enjoy!

"Keep us posted about your alternatives..."

Well, Deb, the strangely enthusiastic mood continues though I'm not sure how to best convey these "right-brain" thoughts into "left-brain" language without sounding like a maniac. So perhaps I'll just go ahead and sound like a maniac.

Something good will result out of my worst fears: overpopulation and ecological devastation. Humanity replicated itself astoundingly using the Earth unsustaintably. But out of this a small group of very clever people came about which may not have been populous enough otherwise. They self-selected (in an evolutionary way, not in some intentional conspiracy). Institutions and technology further titrated them.

This sub-set of humanity is not superior biologically (there have been some geniuses, but most paid for this gift with tormented insanity). They just existed under circumstances which allowed experiences which their minds constructed into really efficient systems. They learned to be good learners.

First order of business is organizing the human mind. Its too potent to be left to chance to develop. Make people aware of their emotions ("fear is the mind killer") so they can master them. This will take a complex series of lessons building on one another, but we have the technology.

Once the majority of humans are "on the same page" we can bring the population down over the next couple generations, bring the environment back into stability, and begin space colonization because its really amazingly dangerous to have only one planet.

Geez, this did not come out as impressively as it felt. Like I mentioned, I've been reading a lot of sci fi over the last couple weeks ;) And Thai's talk of evolutionary biology, complexity, and fractals figures in (sci non-fi?). But I suddenly feel like mankind's horrible history and individual hardship has led the group "superorganism" to a place where we might be able to be safe and happy finally. The Singularity. I sound like such a dork, yes? Ah, well ;)

Debra said...

You know, dinky, my credo these days STILL is...
It takes all kinds to make a world.
That means that all of our incredible fantasizing about superhuman capacities, etc postulates that we... ALL need to become ONE TYPE of person, rather than that humanity continues, the species continues because of diversity.
Personally... I dream of a society where people of very different attitudes/skills/etc would be welcomed, instead of feared.
We often seem to condemn what is different from us, rather than being curious to learn about it, and understand it.

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