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Friday, December 11, 2009

For Deb

I thought you would like the message, even if you did not like the message. ;-)


Thai said...

For comments

Debra said...

To comment in a really pertinent way, Thai, it is necessary to drag up two etymologies, and I'll do one here, because it is not so demanding.
Enterprise : comes from the French, entre (between) and prendre (to take). To take in hand a work, take upon oneself a condition, attempt or undertake (a war, an expedition), assume a risk, a venture, a danger. 2) to take in hand (attack). The evolution of the word associates it more and more frequently with a military context, and with the idea of attack.
The second etymology which I have already... ATTACKED on my loony forum, is that of the word.. SCIENCE.
It would take up two posts here, and you ignore the etymology of the word SCIENCE at your... risk and peril, as we say here. I suggest that you all... LOOK IT UP AND PONDER AND REFLECT for a day or two.
It is... capital to understanding where we are right now.
I remind you that... science is... just what ?
Science is done by... scientists. Flesh and blood people. And it has no reality outside of those flesh and blood people. WORDS WORDS WORDS.
My next post is going to address an historical moment in our American society : the watershed moment when Michael Dukakis was publicly discredited for giving a rational response to the question "what would you do/HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if your daughter was attacked by a recidivist rapist ? (or something along those lines... to do with the death penalty...)"
That moment was... VERY VERY IMPORTANT for American society. Trust me on this one...

Thai said...

Oh, no fair! You have the book book in your study!

Can't you just help the lazy amongst us and share the etymology of science?

Make me look it up?

Sheeeze! ;-)

Thai said...

This is as far as my search is going to go tonight as this computer is turning off for the weekend.

Have a great weekend and be well.

PS- I am not authenticating the correctness of this post.

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