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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OMFG!!! This is so way cool

Between me and the boys, we have probably spent $20 tonight on new itunes songs as we just kept hitting the songs that streamed over this free internet radio.

Sometime the internet is just so freak-in cool!

Beware, it is addictive. ;-)


Thai said...


Dink said...

Sweeeeeeet! A friend showed this to me a few weeks back and I keep forgetting use it at home.

JFC!!! What sort of existance is this where magical machines give you free pleasure tailored to your preference, but your mind is too blitzed to even remember it exists? Ah Xmas, oxytocin (cuddle hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone) spewing like geysers...

Wait, isn't epinephrine (aka adrenalin) a hormone. So shouldn't I call that the stress hormone...

Deb, I was going to do this whole post on kin circle boundaries and how its possible that some people set the parameters such that they don't actually fit into their own circle. And that then they have to go see a spychoanalytrix. And that subject would mix Thai world and Deb world. But I'm too tired. Is Xmas a living hell in France too? #$%^&

Debra said...

Thai, worse than the fact that some people set those parameters is the fact that...
Enjoy it while it lasts...
Right now it is snowing outside, and I am still in my pyjamas. Maybe I will not even bother getting dressed today, as I have no plans to go out in this weather.
Reminds me of my Philadelphia school days when the big blizzqrd cut off all the roads in the city, and it was.. NO SCHOOL !!! YOUPI.
I am NOT revved up about Christmas.
It will be a minimalist thing this year.
Lots of good cheer, and spirit.
Fewer.. store bought THINGS in any form.
The Internet is addictive because... WE are addictive and we set it up that way.
So... no need to feel guilty, right ?
Why bother punishing YOURSELF when the social body has put into place so many cute tactics to do it for you ??

Debra said...

WTF, Thai, Pandora does NOT work for usns who live outside the mother country...
Tough shit for globalization.

Thai said...


Yes I am under this illusion.

And the thing is either the school is going to work for the individuals or the individuals are going to work for the school and to some degree it depends on what the values of the different members are.

And why not just try a US address? How would they know?

Debra said...

WHOSE US address ?
From MY computer ?
The problem with the school is that IT functions differently from the schools' individuals.
You stick a bunch of individuals into a mob, and then you see how much individual is left.
But I am not pessimistic, Thai.
I DO avoid mobs in all forms, however.

Thai said...

"I DO avoid mobs in all forms, however."

Then I would claim you are already a victim of totalitarianism and are simply choosing how you want to experience it.

At some level, Totalitarianism is absolute since universality is already a reality- the conservation of energy assures this.

It is simply a matter of trying to manage what form we want it to look like.

Thai said...

And I don't get a sense you are pessimistic, more "it is what it is" like me.

What are Ricains?

As for awe and wonder- this is never eliminated. You have confused me here. A conservation of energy also implies a conservation of risk, etc... and a limit to knowledge, etc...

About the only thing we can look forward to is awe and wonder (and terror and joy, etc...)

Dink said...

"to better convey issues of aspect/context."

I'm trying to picture such a thing. So you'd go to post a comment and a box would pop-up asking:

How I would like to appear to readers of my comment:
A) Rocket surgeon
B) Adonis/Venus
C) Desperately In Need of Knowledge
D) Snarky hipster

"Pandora does NOT work for usns who live outside the mother country.."

How rude of it! I agree with Thai that deception is justified (because it is cool).

And then a 2nd box would pop-up asking:

How do I intend for readers of my comments to react/feel:
A) In awe of my obvious transcendance
B) Shame in their misguidedness
C) Amusedly enraged
D) Charitable with their knowledge out of pity

Man, to force people to acknowledge their desires and intent like that..........TOO FUN!

"I DO avoid mobs in all forms, however"

Something happens to me in mobs that was best illustrated by a character named Jack in the book Quicksilver. He called it The Imp of the Perverse. I want to rebel obnoxiously. If a bunch of Seahawks fans are around me I suddenly have the urge to buy the opposing teams jersey.

On a superorganism scale I suppose there has to be a certain amount of "anti-mobsters" to prevent a destructive positive feed back loop. It takes all kinds (as they say).

Dink said...

Well, that last post got all mixed up. I'm sure y'all can figure out the intent.

Dink said...

Small words good

Do you have any idea how many times over the next few days I'm going to plagiarize "PULL IT TOGETHER, MAN!"?

Thai said...


... And if you think he has problems, think of the chaos created by fractal addition ;-)

Dink said...

think of the chaos created by fractal addition ;-)


Thai said...

LOL! Agreed.

Thai said...

Deb, I noted that you said on the jungle "The world of meaning is not "regulated" by - and + signs"

And yet you say "One of the problems is in, NOT THE ACT of raising or lowering taxes, but.. the meaning of that act as it refers to the collectivity.
Taxes have meaning.
Lowering them said a lot."

My response I disagree AND agree and would as always say "A Rose by any other name does not smell as sweet" ;-)

Meaning, +, - , etc... these are all just different words in different languages for the same thing.

Thai said...

Deb, do you know (of)this person?

Thai said...

An article by Dehaene.

Debra said...

I read the paper Thai.
It was very interesting.
I agree with many things in that paper, indeed, most of it. More than I agree with most of the stuff you post here.
One MAJOR disagreement : there is no such thing as a.. preverbal infant.
We are "wired" for language. And.. those experiments show that the foetus in the womb discriminates between different sounds and words.
So... exit the window for the preverbal infant.
Dehaene is a good guy. BUT.. he hasn't figured out yet that abstraction/symbolic systems for man have their DISADVANTAGES too.
I like the distinction about succeeding in mathematics through motivation and hard work. That is true in EVERY domain.
A downright... universal, that one.
Thanks for the article.

Debra said...

Ricains is a somewhat pejorative expression in France used to refer to.. Americans.
Drum roll, for an enormous generalization.
I have observed that not many Americans are comfortable with ambiguity in any form.
That is a major loss, in my book.
Particularly as American culture, empire oblige, is washing over the planet.

Thai said...

But he is not saying anything different than any of my other links.

Why do you think he is?

Thai said...

Deb, when he says "My claim is that number is very much like color."

Don't you see the fractal?

Thai said...

And re: "BUT.. he hasn't figured out yet that abstraction/symbolic systems for man have their DISADVANTAGES too"

Now you sound like me ;-)

Perhaps we are getting closer in our respective "languages" after all?

So, in erector set terms, what is the disadvantage you see?

I certainly suspect there has to be one.

Remember, conservation of risk = zero sum = "the blind side"

There is always a blind side- always- e.g. totalitarianism/universalism reigns supreme ;-)

Debra said...

Abstraction and symbolic systems historically distract man's attention away from his emotions, and what he has in common with the animal world.
They encourage him to think that he is exceptional, and superior.
Take a look over at the jungle for the last few anonymous comments.
They show how little empathy and feeling you can reduce yourself to when ideas and numbers take the place of the human face/fate.

Debra said...

One of your first links was a guy who gave ten minute speeches about psychology, or something like that.
He was very cynical. I didn't appreciate him or his way of seeing things.
Do you remember whom I'm talking about ?

Dink said...

Sorry to break in with non sequitur, but I wanted to explain that I was going AWOL for a week.

I wish you both a lovely winter celebration thingee and much improved weather (CNN says you're both getting slammed). Also, glad tidings to all former or sporadic posters and/or lurkers.

On an odd note, I was listening to the radio and the Sublime cover of Peter Tosh's "Smoke Two Joints" came on. And I thought of this blog.

"I click two links before I click two links, and then I click two more"

More specifically, "Hard work good, and hard work fine, but first take care of head"

I consider all the rabbit holes as "taking care of head" :)


Thai said...

Re: "One MAJOR disagreement : there is no such thing as a.. pre-verbal infant."

I don't think he is using the term "pre-verbal infant" the way you are interpreting him. I interpret he is using the term pejoratively in this instance to help readers who are naive to the subject.

It is clear from other statements he has made that he is saying the same thing you too are saying, that we are "wired" for language. Why would he say we are not wired for language yet the entire thesis of his paper be that we are "wired" for math, and color and a variety of other things?

By the way, I use the more generic term "template" as opposed to "wired". The issue of creating things to work with other things in complex/chaotic system always means you have to start with a template or that the original structure or architecture or building block, etc... has a template to start from.

re: "I have observed that not many Americans are comfortable with ambiguity in any form.
That is a major loss, in my book..."

I think Americans and Europeans are comfortable/uncomfortable at different levels of the fractal. Totalitarian structures exist in all societies, it is simply where the boundary condition is set.

Americans are big on following certain rules, the corollary is they allow more freedom in other ways.

These are simply different ways of building the bread box.

I was often shocked at the level of anti-drug emotion expressed by certain groups in America, I might also add they have lower drug use. Is this therefore wrong.

Again, we all want the world too look the way we want the world to look.

Thai said...

Merry Christmas Dink if I don't talk to you again before Christmas!

Thai said...

And "Abstraction and symbolic systems historically distract man's attention away from his emotions."

And I have heard you express a fondness for prenatal care so there appears to be some products of abstraction that you like. ;-)

How about another tie with "zero-sum"? ;-)

Debra said...

Merry Christmas, dinky.
Enjoy your turkey (I presume you are doing a traditional Christmas thingey...).
What is abstract about prenatal care ?
Although it is true I am not keen on institutionalized care of any kind at this time.
But.. I am an extremist. Granted.
Template is the same thing as.. PATTERN ?
An untranslatable English word...
It is better than wired. Thanks for introducing it to me. Now I won't need to whore myself to wiring any more...

Thai said...

The act of giving/sharing prenatal care certainly is emotional.

But the actual delivery of prenatal care is anything but.

Next time you see one of these, or one of these, or one of these, remember that while emotion may have been part of the template that inspired their creation, abstraction was just as part of the template as well. Indeed, I obviously have a biased view, but I personally tend to think it was more abstraction than emotion.

Debra said...

Boston Children's Hospital rings a faint bell in my memory.
I think that my dad MAY have worked there, for a while.. (Cornell Medical School grad in the early 1950's, late '40's).
I know what those neo nat ICU's look like.
My daughter was in one for a little more than a week.
I think that she will feel the effects of having been on an artificial respirator for.. the rest of her life, probably...
Hard to imagine, huh ? I'm guessing that I'm right about this, though... That's life, as we say. And, also, as we say, no use crying over spilt milk.
Good that children's medecine is becoming less invasive.
NOW we need to take into account the fact the mama and baby are a dyad when the baby is born.
What you do to baby... you are doing to mama at the same time (and vice versa...).
I'm not joking. Not at all...

Thai said...

Deb, sometimes we must be violent to people for their own good.

Have you ever witnessed CPR?

Reviving the dead is not a pretty sight. It is very rare I do not break ribs at a minimum.

Having said that, what is temporarily violent, can also produce beautiful results.

Debra said...

Funny you mention CPR...
You know, Thai... that COULD have been my dad in that story.
IF his heart attack had happened now, instead of 28 years ago... IF he hadn't been alone when it happened, on a jog around the golf course.
And my mom ?
Well... she had breast cancer pretty bad at the time when the mortality rate was turning at around 98%, or so...
She survived it though. She brought BANANA bread to HER oncologist white coats.
Having violent things done to you when you're an adult is one thing. Having them done to you when you're a newborn.. that's another.
They say that the kids who go through the rigamorole are more "masochistic" than others.
I can understand, and believe it.
They've been in the equivalent of a concentration camp, Thai. EVEN IF it's "for their own good".

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