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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Brother is Watching!

Check it out yourself

Truly amazing what we now track on people


Thai said...


Edwardo said...

Thai, I just found something of interest as regards the discussion of the climate data. Here's the link.

Thai said...

Cool website! I will read it later today when I get a moment.

Thanks buddy

PS- please don't think my mind is settled on this issue as it is not at all. Indeed, from all the conservation of energy discussions I am sure you have noticed we have, I find it hard to conceive how changes in planetary carbon fuels/CO2- remember earth is basically a closed system- CAN cause global warming at all.

I certainly see how oscillations in the amount of energy entering the planet from outside its closed system confines (say from the sun) and oscillations in the heat/energy generated at our planet's core can make a difference, but I have a hard time seeing how burning fossil fuels on the surface and increasing atmospheric concentrations by 100-300 parts per million really changes absorption of outside energy/sunlight all that much .

I certainly see how reflection off ice/clouds can make a difference in absorption so I certainly see how reducing ice cover would change surface temperatures, etc... but this is a different (yet perhaps related?) issue.

My only point is I am not sure this thing is really being fairly reported from any viewpoint and now that emotions have gotten strong (as I guess was destined to happen), whatever chance we had to get closer to the truth is now forever gone.

... Perhaps it is my nihilism showing thru again, who knows.

Debra said...

WHAT truth, Thai ???...
I wouldn't dirty my little fingertips on the pipl search engine. On principle.
There is ONE FACT, Thai. Species are disappearing at an alarming rate now.
I think that the climate change issue is probably secondary to the issue of our sheer mind boggling overpopulation of the planet.
Species domination is no good for the planet.
Even when it's us. (Particularly when it's us ?)
Be careful of the religion of energy conservation.
Religion makes us blind.

Thai said...

Re: Species are disappearing at an alarming rate now"


But this has very little to do with CO2 in the atmosphere. It mostly has to do with local land use issues.

Once upon a time, in Boston Edwardo's New England, the cod fishery was king. Indeed it is unlikely that either you or I would be alive today with out so important was it to the development of America and the population boom of Europe.

As but one simple example, it is now gone.

But this has nothing to do with global warming.

One of the problem with environmental discussions is various issues tend to get mixed together when they are really different.

... Where have we heard this before? ;-)

Dink said...

whatever chance we had to get closer to the truth is now forever gone

Well, there's been a violation of trust, but it may just mean that new scientists will start from scratch and be more careful.

It seems the ice core data is unquestioned. But of course there will be different interpretations of what the data implicates.

I can't help but instinctually feel that rearranging the planet's carbon distribution from where its been the last couple hundred thousand years is something we shouldn't rush into.

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