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Monday, September 21, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hello Street Rats!

Two Saturdays ago we packed up the Recreational Vehicle and headed south east to the center of Oregon. Some points of interest:

1)The John Day Fossil Beds
2)The High Desert Museum
3)Crater Lake National Park

At the first point one learns that Oregon used to be a wet jungle similar to Panama. But it seemed to get more arid every time it was repaved with lava floods (which seemed rather frequent). In short, it has lots of layers with various flora and fauna fossils stuck in between.

At the second point one learns many things about The West. A tremendous amount of timber was cut down so that mine shafts could be built. Donkeys and obsidian are useful. Eagles want to kill us (the signs didn't explicitly say this, but if you had seen those eyes....).

According to information at the park, the Klamath tribe forbid members from going up the former Mount Mazama (what with the eruptions and such), but wikipedia says they went there on "vision quests". It does have a mystic feel about it.

It was a nice trip and I hope you all were well.


Thai said...

Now that Wikipedia photo of Crater Lake is Amazing.

Welcome back

Debra said...

Welcome back, dinky.
My sixth sense sent you into my mind this morning and I was going to publicly ask when you were coming back.
Now I don't have to.
Glad you had a nice trip.
That area is the closest thing to... heaven (well, Glacier National Park is a close second..) there is in the States.

Dink said...

Thank you both!

Deb, I was dangerously close to your college town of Walla Walla. I imagine you had many vision quests to the Columbia River :)

Debra said...

LOL LOL LOL, dink.
I said somewhere here, but will repeat for your benefit that I am a Protestant Jew who wishes that she were Catholic.
No visions there....
When I was an adolescent I used to hopefully wait in our Protestant Church as people worked themselves into a frenzy (I'm exaggerating here...) that the Holy Ghost would descend on me.
It's not happened yet.
I'm not holding my breath on it any more...

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