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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stroller Chair Jesus

This morning I hopped on the bus to go to my piano lesson, and heading to the back, I crossed the bus lady Madonna, with her stroller chair Jesus.
She looked a little tired, you know, like the mothers of small children often look, and she smelled of cigarette smoke (people are picking up smoking again these days, times are rough, it's good to be sucking on a cigarette sometimes, at least it doesn't make you fat...), but the baby in the stroller looked just like Jesus in all those Renaissance paintings (where Jesus looks like a baby, and not a small God, and where's he's alive).
That beautiful, blissful smile that we would give anything and everything to recapture, the smile of someone who has seen eternity the other night, the smile in Leonardo's mystical painting of John the Baptist where a young, satyric John leaning on his staff, points towards heaven.
And those oh so closed eyes, turned inward on... WHAT ?
Will we ever know ?
When I see the bus lady Madonnas with their stroller chair Jesuses, I smile and watch them, sometimes nodding gravely. They are timeless vignettes. The world is passing by, Obamas are getting elected, people are exploding in bombs, hurricanes are destroying everything in their paths, but the bus lady Madonnas, they just keep watch over their smiling Jesuses, eyes closed, one foot in eternity.


SS said...

Oh my, a second lyric (Virgo) emerges on our blog! Well done.


Dink said...

Madonna shouldn't smoke, even if Baby J is stressing her out. I don't even like people smoking near their pets.

So the baby's serenity reminds of the subject we spoke about a while back. It hasn't developed that noisy language center. To paraphrase Time Bandits, "it is mercilessly free of the ravages of intelligence".

SS said...

@ Dink,

Assume a closed system, zero sum. If the lady stops smoking, she'll take out her hostile energy in another way! Since the dog's the only other thing in the system she'll kick the dog! My god I just understood the rigors of physics. Hope this doesn't ruin it for the non-smoking crowd.


Thai said...

SS, play nice. I am not trying to pull at Yo and rape you with some idea (honest), let's just let it go.

Understand my firmness in this issue is because I agree the conservation of energy is not a religious belief- though I admit science actually does require faith. And I might remind you that it was Deb and you who introduced me to the science of linguistics which made me realize it must apply to all information structures.

Fwiw, I called one of my physics friends today to ask him about it. He laughed, said it was absolutely true but that I was acting like most physics graduate students when they first learn about the issue. He did admit it can get a little depressing at times so advised to just not think about it.

Though interestingly he did take issue with "over stating" earth as a closed system- even at steady state. Though he did agreed it is probably functionally closed in a human's lifetime, at least as far as they can tell.

For he did reminded me the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate and for this to happen, energy (information) needs to be continuously added to the universe like filling a water balloon with water forced in from a tap.

I need to think about this a little more.

Anyway, Dink, I'll email you about Sasha grapes. I am clearly pissing SS off.

SS my apologies

Dink said...

Oh, sweet mother of pearl, Thai is consorting with admitted physicists ! What will Lady Thai tell the children? Are his patients at risk of getting infected? This can't end well....

"If the lady stops smoking, she'll take out her hostile energy in another way!"

If only Raphael or Da Vinci were alive today they could paint "Madonna Trying To Pacify Screeching Baby J With Cheerios" or "Madonna In Sweat Pants Eating Haagen Daaz After Finally Getting Baby J To Nap" ;)

Debra said...

God, Dink, don't give me material for future nightmares, please...
The way we manage to ugly ourselves so much these days is really gruesome...

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