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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sometimes we really need to pay tribute to the giants who come before us

The world lost one of its great souls on Saturday (I only just learned). I for one want to pay tribute.

Norm, I tip my stethoscope to you.


Debra said...

Was Norman a doctor ?
I have to be critical in reading the tribute.
Without doubt the man had a great sense of personal responsibility, a sense of mission, and of committment, and great empathy.
In short, he was a man who reminds me greatly of my own father.
But I am not sure that we are logical animals in our reproductive capacities, and that WE can control OUR population.
And when I observe the maelstrom of violent emotions that come into play in women over the question of having babies, I feel NO hope whatsoever that population control will be "rationalized" or "reasoned".
It's rather depressing, actually, as I am not in favor of government interference.

Thai said...

Deb, it is estimated he saved a billion lives.

I will never blame Prometheus for the gift of fire.

SS said...


You are going to like this, another giant:


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