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Friday, February 19, 2010


I've come across the phrase "Vibe" a lot this last week. Mostly people using it in the context of "I'm picking up a bad vibe from her". I suppose the phrase was strongly associated with hippies for a long time, but its seem to have evolved into mainstream vernacular.

I visualize it as ripples of energy coming off people much like circular ripples of water in a lake when a stone is dropped in. Which got me thinking about Thai's conservation of energy paradigm. To stop someone's ripples from upsetting your boat you're either going to have to spend energy back out to counteract the ripples or spend energy building some kind of barrier to stop the ripples from arriving. Because there are so many sources of vibes out there, it seems the most efficient use of energy is the, uh, barrier method.

Which then led me to thinking about how some people can not stand to have their vibes repelled. They will go nuclear to have their vibes hit their target. What jackasses! What makes it even more appalling is that in many cases they're not even aware of this compulsion within them. They'll sincerely deny it.

Stupid subliminal coping methods; they'll be the ruin of humanity if we don't get a grip on them ;) As you can probably deduce, I've been working with some delightful personalities over the last few weeks ;) Hope all is well in your respective time zones.


Thai said...


Hope you are well in yours

Debra said...

Hmmm... but what happens when you stop being afraid that someone's energy is going to upset your boat ??
Are you enjoying the women's figure skating ? ;-)

Dink said...

Well, Deb, I hadn't even considered capitulating to evil as an option. So if everyone was an asshole, then I wouldn't have to feel bad for victims (since they'd be assholes by default as well)...

Hmmmm. It lacks integrity, but it would arguably be easier. I'll work on it.

Debra said...

"Capitulating to evil" ? I'll have my "evil" between quotation marks, please, as it isn't a word that I really thrive on.
Once again... we don't live in the same world.

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