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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look what the stork just brought in!

It is good to know that Krugman and DeLong (ALA Keynes) say it is our patriotic duty to spend money in order to protect the American way of life. I think I like this much more than burying bottles in a coal mine.

PS- I will make sure to equip it with a flipper avoidance system.

PPS- Things may get a little busy again in the next few days if I have to cover shifts of others who may be flying off for this. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Chile's death toll remains light.


Thai said...


Dink said...

SWEEEET!! Bon voyage(s)!

Man, 8.8! I get a bit nervous when the "ring of fire" gets cranky..

Debra said...

Beautiful toy, Thai.
Have fun as soon as you get the time. ;-)

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