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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ahhhhh!!! No school since Friday and none til next Tuesday :-(

(Photo taken BEFORE the most recent snowstorm which briefly knocked out power; it's back up or I wouldn't be posting this)

We have now had more total snowfall this winter than any other since our government began keeping records of things like this; it's still early February for Pete's sake. I mean I love my boys and all but but "ugghhh!!!", I think my wife and I are both starting to feel like this.

... Okie, I hope you are enjoying those WARM clear Gulf waters.


Thai said...

I don't want any comments but pity

Debra said...

LOL, Thai.
I watched your Ronald McDonald clip for about four seconds before running for cover...
One piece of shrink advice :
Unless you want them to be running around in circles for hours.
How old are they ??
It's snowing like at your place outside, and we too are having a record winter, but I'm enjoying the calm of my computer.
My 19 year old is in her traditional horizontal position, calmly listening to music...My husband is downstairs working and I am still in my pajamas. (Why get dressed when I have no plans of setting a foot outside today ?)
Good luck, Thai, to you and your Missus.

Debra said...

P.S.... NOW just imagine what kind of life a stay at home mother leads ?
And not for just one week ? For snowfall ?

Thai said...

My wife is a Saint, on that we truly agree.

Dink said...

Man! Soon the only way out of the house will be through the upstairs windows! I bet your 4-man army can build some truly awesome snow forts (with ensuing war, of course). Good luck over there.

Are you getting mass snow too, Deb?

Also, nice explanation on the motivation for undervaluation (which I inadvertently questioned on the wrong post). It does seem self-defeating and weird to fund the US's unsustainability when they could be funding their absurd lifestyles.

Thai said...

It is getting close!

I will say this, my oldest (14) has discovered a gold mine in all this snow: $500 for 2 days of snow shoveling... And it has started all over again!

The teenagers are suddenly in love with all the homes populated with "little old ladies" in the neighborhood that they never noticed before. ;-)

OkieLawyer said...

By the way, Thai, I am back in Oklahoma and it is cold.

I came back via Carlsbad Caverns National Park (and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, which is only 45 south of Carlsbad). They told me that the unemployment rate was only 2%. So I tried looking for work around there, but the workers they are short of, apparently, are jobs that I am either not qualified for (engineers) or overqualified for (Wal-Mart greeters).

Thai said...

Welcome back Okie! I am sorry to hear the job search is still not going well.

As I said before, I do think this is going to be the next growth area FWIW but I realize such changes would be massive at this stage in your career.

I did a little bit of searching for you and did pull the following job up on the Los Alamos labs website. Los Alamos would clearly be one of the major beneficiaries of greater nuclear funding.

I am on to eugenics with my next post

Debra said...

Okie, Carlsbad Caverns is close to my old haunts.
I remember...
More than twenty years ago on a summer trip to the caverns with my husband.
The nightly tooth brushing ritual was an ordeal, EVEN FOR ME, who loves creepy crawly things.
Those insects (like cockroaches and other flying marvels) were just ENORMOUS.
Manna for the bats.
But they made me a little queezy.
Are you unemployed ? Can't you set up in private practice ?
I just met someone in Geneva who dumped a cushy international investment banking job to write, do spiritual coaching, and act.
She has no dependants... That makes it easier.

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