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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Unspeakable Loss

I just found out this morning. I am so sad. I will write a proper salute when out of shock.

Buddy, you will be missed.


Debra said...

I certainly agree with you Dink on this one...
Check out Sudden Debt for a link to send comments to Thai's colleagues, family, and friends. Not the most recent post, the memorial one, but the previous one.
I am so sorry. For US. And for Thai's family and friends, of course.
I've written something for Thai on Toby's blog, if you care to read it. Yes, we will miss him.
Take care.

Dink said...

Thank you for commenting, Deb. I know we left on the "wrong foot", but I feel that the three of us were the longest contributing members of SRCS and share a bond.

Ah Deb, its just so awful! How can this possibly be? I just found out a few hours ago and my thoughts and emotions are a mess.

Please stay in touch. I find it comforting that we shared our time together and that you understand.
Take care too.

OkieLawyer said...

I am also collecting my thoughts and will write a tribute soon. Something Katherine (Thai's wife / widow) wrote gave me an idea for a post.

The funny thing is that I found out from the comment at Sudden Debt, as well. I had not heard from Thai in over a week and was just about to call him. I just figured he was busy at work.

Dink, Katherine just e-mailed me and said she just e-mailed you too. She wants us to find posts where Thai talked about the "conservation of energy" and "interconnectedness." I will do what I can, but you are probably more acquainted with what he wrote here.

Debra said...

What a job !
The conservation of energy was everywhere in Thai's stuff. But he was rather elliptic about it. That's what got me frustrated sometimes.
I have been moping around for two days now.
Thai was a friend. An important part of my life, and somebody whose opinion I respected, even if I didn't understand fractals, and got frustrated about it.
I will help look if you like.
Sometimes Thai's insights appear in the comments... not necessarily in HIS posts, which could be rather succint.
I remember a two or three part fractal thing, but...
those posts never really touched me very much, as they were rather.. factual, you know.
The real flesh and blood Thai, the one I liked, was NOT there.

Debra said...

I just checked back a little bit, and found Thai's post in November, 2009, "Bad Analogy, and the Time of the Fractal", or something along those lines.
It shows us... at our most cooperative in the saloon, and it talks about most of the issues that were important to Thai, I think.
But it's kind of technical...
We are eggheads here, you know... I think.

Dr John said...

I have been away for a few days dealing with my own health issues. How tragic to return and find this news. I learned so much from Thai in such a brief period. He clearly touched many. What a profound loss.

Dink said...

"I will do what I can, but you are probably more acquainted with what he wrote here."

I am on it! You're a good man, Okie.

"How tragic to return and find this news"

Yes, John. I understand completely. It is so sad and unfair; I'm still in shock. I just want to scream "NO!! It isn't true!".

Dr John said...

Dink, had you had the pleasure of knowing Thai personally or you Okie?

Debra said...

You know, it's funny, but reading through the stuff, I can see that Thai was really hard to pin down...
He comes across best in short comments that are weaved into the discussions.
It will be hard to find something where he, and he alone stands out...
In my opinion..
There was a piece towards the beginning of the saloon, when he wrote about the origin of his first name.
Remember it ?

Dink said...

"Dink, had you had the pleasure of knowing Thai personally or you Okie?"

I believe Thai and Okie physically met and occasionally talked via telephone.

Thai and I only knew each other through the virtual world. We both liked sci fi; having a cyber friendship really fit with that.

Maybe to some that doesn't seem like a "real" friend, but I would strongly disagree. For a little over a year we would stop in the saloon together after work and chat. How many physical friends do you talk to that frequently? And the stuff of conversation wasn't fairweather small talk. There's a sense of clarity in the cyberworld. It was more real than the "real" sometimes.

Damn it, what a loss. What an awful, awful thing has happened.

"comments that are weaved into the discussions."

Deb, I know its difficult to find the perfect quotes, but keep searching. We owe it to him. John, please feel free to find Thai quotes you like as well. I'd like to get some good stuff to Kathy by Sunday. Profound, clever, funny, whatever you come across that you think she mind enjoy. I am so thankful we have this archived "Thai-ness" banked up so she and the kids can read later to "hear his voice".

OkieLawyer said...

Dr. John:

I had the pleasure of meeting Thai in person while I was working up in Somerset, Pennsylvania, which I will elaborate on in an upcoming post (I will try to have it up tomorrow). I just got back from my evening walk where I thought about some of the things I would say.

If I still have some of Thai's old e-mails, I will see if there is anything in them, as well. Because of space limitations, I am sure I have deleted many of them.

My post will also cover the Kübler-Ross model of grief, which we all seem to be experiencing at one level or another. I will add some personal touches to it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Kathy said...

This is Thai's wife again. I thought I had posted a comment earlier, but it didn't show. I wanted to say I appreciate the thought and effort you're putting into this. Also, anything you can send me will be appreciated. I just have no idea where to even start.

You seem like a genuinely nice group of people and I see why Thai liked you all so much. I did have one other question. What is "Toby's blog?" I am wondering if I'm missing something or is that your blog Deb that I've already seen?

Dr John said...

Please do not misunderstand my comments Dink. I have a very close friend I rarely see in person yet I share my most intimate feelings with by email on a regular basis. I do not doubt you feel Thai's loss as deeply as if he was your next door neighbor.

That being said there is something about communication in this format and getting to know a person that cannot take place without physical proximity. I just was looking for insight into Thai on that level. I look forward to Okie's post and will try to post some of my favorites.

He will be deeply missed.

Edwardo said...

Please, if you have some time to spare, I'd like some feedback (is it appropriate?) on a eulogy that I've written for Thai. It's on my blog in the comments section of my most recent post. TIA

Dink said...

"Also, anything you can send me will be appreciated. I just have no idea where to even start."

Thank you so much for including us in this celebration of Thai! Your kindness and grace in this excruciatingly painful time is inspiring. You will always be welcome here for whatever we can help with; a place to vent, a place to sob, a place to discuss one of his posts or comments.

Also, I had an idea for you to consider. I could create a blog for people to post memories of Thai if you'd like. It sounds like their might be an e-mail list doing something like this already, but I wasn't sure of the final format so I thought that I'd offer.

I'm finding some comfort in conceptualizing this blog as a sort of photo album that we can flip through and see him in. I am still just reeling from this shock.

"My post will also cover the Kübler-Ross model of grief, which we all seem to be experiencing at one level or another. I will add some personal touches to it. I don't think you will be disappointed."

Thank you, Okie. The grief is enormous and terrible; any help in making sense or peace with this tragedy would be appreciated. I look forward to your post.

"Please do not misunderstand my comments Dink"

I apologize if I came across as resentful. This loss hurts; people lash out without thinking when they're hurt. You're a good guy; a kind man. I'm glad you're also on the hunt for good material that we can give to Kathy.

Debra said...

Kathy, Toby's blog is the place you've already been to "Econosophy and Other Musings". I've updated the post in it, and left you a comment, if by chance you come back here...

Dink said...

@ Edwardo,

Sorry for the late response. I just saw your site's posting and liked it very much.

@ Deb,

Yours was nice too. I'll create links in the comment section of the most recent post's (Okie's eulogy)comment section.

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