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Monday, June 21, 2010

To Keep Our Brains Fresh and Springy

Surely Thai wouldn't have wanted us moping around pathetically. Katherine has added a few of the speeches from his service on Remembering Thai and I'm in awe with how much he managed to do with his 43 years besides entertain and educate us here in the saloon and on Sudden Debt.

So in that spirit I'm taking a look at Science Daily daily to look for things that would have doubtlessly set him off. And there are many. On the political/economic spectrum I'm referring to a site he once mentioned called Some Assembly Required . Its a horrific daily summary of humanity's misdeeds with a zippy little punchline at the end of each factoid to keep you from total despair.

So read up and then come back here to rant and rave ;)


JP said...

I suppose I can start posting things.

I'm out of work until early July, so I might as well blog.

Plus, I have an Internet connection at home.

Maybe I'll cross post here and on my blog.

Dink said...

Cool, JP! Just send me one of your e-mail addresses to and I'll add you as an author. What's your blog's address so I can take a look?

Debra said...

Is Doctor John still around ?
When are you gonna post, Doctor John ? ;-)

Dr John said...

I am afraid I will be taking a leave of absence do to poor health. I hope to be back soon. John

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