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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Fondness for Earth

(I'm grabbing this from Econolicious' comment to Hell's most recent post. Upon reading it I had one of those "I'm glad somebody finally said it" moments a la The Emperor's New Clothes.)

We must stop viewing the issues of sustainability and climate change as good or evil and we must stop viewing this planet Earth as a servile entity, a slave that we can dominate and beat into submission. If we don't criminalize the battering of the planet and coerce the ignorance that allows this battering into submission, we risk the loss of our species on this planet. The survival of our species on this planet can not be achieved through democratic means. This planet Earth, is simply not going to allow us the timeframe to build consensus and vote for solutions to this problem.

We can either step up to the plate "right now" and conserve, preserve and reclaim the damage we have done to this planet by whatever means are necessary and recruit the receptive, persuade the skeptic, coerce the ignorant and eliminate the recalcitrant, or we can leave it to the wisdom of our natural environment to eliminate our entire species, both the so called good and the so called evil, in the same fashion that we eliminate viruses that endanger our species.

I think that vegetarianism is a given on our planet with 7B humans. I've given up all meat except fish for the last 7+ years and its honestly not that bad. I still have to kick fish and dairy, admittedly.

Other things humans may have to give up: Alcohol (encourages us to make bad decisions and is wasteful), creating offspring before age thirty, using more that 5 gallons of gasoline a week, the entire fashion industry, and non-recyclable plastics. Please feel free to fight with me in the comment section.

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Debra said...

Dink, were you spoiling (for a fight...)when you wrote this one ??
Realpolitik comes to town.
1984 in action.
I hope I will be gone before this (electoral !!) program gets implemented.
Suggested reading (and I'm not being pompous, honestly...) Graham Greene's "The Quiet American".
Then we can discuss again.

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