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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Damn Dynamics

A morning last week I walked into an office that is normally pretty sedate and immediately felt the pressure of a tensioned atmosphere. I asked someone what was up and she responded with a forced smile "Oh,....dynamics".

I wanted to flee the building. That word. It conveys so much so succinctly. Individual personality systems creating friction as they interacted in a group system. Too exhausting to tolerate on an otherwise very tolerable summer day.

Of course, everything is a system and all systems are dynamic. But we use to word to mean bad dynamics. The system not operating as we want it to. Nuts and bolts flying, electronics sparking, jaguars raining from the sky, asteroids careening into space stations. Chaos.

It reminds me of a vague memory of someone explaining that entropy isn't so much increasing disorder, just a different order than the one we preferred.

So when "dynamics" are proceeding in the intended order we ignore it/them. It falls into the background of our conscious; then its just "nature" or "order". Essentially, its classified as The Expected. And then when things don't go as expected we screech about those damn dynamics. Symmetry being broken?

I hope I understand. It really is fascinating to realize that your thinking is a Swiss watch ;)


JP said...

Entropy really doesn't even matter much, if you think about it.

That's because the sun is a free lunch.

Most people think in straight lines. Unfortunately, the universe is fractal.

wv: slyban

Dink said...

Entropy is a thermodynamic thief stealing our precious energy!

"That's because the sun is a free lunch."

Now I tend to agree that if we could get our act together with clean solar we'd be so energy rich that we wouldn't have to mind having some of it stolen...

"Most people think in straight lines. Unfortunately, the universe is fractal."

Even though straight lines aren't a decent representative model of the actual phenomena....they're a lot easier for our pea brains to conceptualize ;)

"wv: slyban"


JP said...

Entropy is a feature of life that gives it directionality.

Thermodynamics is somewhat wrong. However, it works well for the purposes to which chemical engineers put it.

Clean solar is what caused the oil and natural gas to appear in the first place.

wv: apeler

Dink said...

"Clean solar is what caused the oil and natural gas to appear in the first place."

A bit mind-blowing, no?

Did you see Okie's link about fusion on Sudden Debt? Its fun to imagine how life would change with that tech. Giant industries created and destroyed within years (months?). Ooh la la.

JP said...

My guess is that you can only get fusion to work in the heart of stars.

See jupiter for an example of a failed fusion reactor.

In any event, I think we should process the products of fission and shoot them into Alpha Centauri.

Or Mercury.

JP said...

You know, people kind of miss the point that everything comes from the sun.

Or other stars. Uranium for example.

In any event, the problem is that the entire economic/energy structure of the modern age is going to fail.


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