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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome Doctor John !!!!

This is a big moment for me...
I am pleased to announce the arrival of a NEW PERSON (well, at least a new person who has grabbed the micro...) to our saloon.
A transfuge from another blog.
Papieren, bitte ?
No, just kidding. You don't need a passport to join us here on this blog (one of the advantages that comes along with (as a result of ??) the jettisonning of all barriers to the transfer of capital, I guess...).
Over here on my loony forum (up and running again, DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE, but still a hell of an experiment in democracy), we stick up a photo of a red carpet being rolled down a magnificent staircase that looks like it could be in a palace...
Here on this blog, where we are all "normal"... we are not quite as civilized as my friends on my loony forum. (Or we WOULD be able to stick up photos of red carpets, don't ask me, I am a total loser with computers.)
But that's ok. I'm still pretty excited that somebody new has decided to push the door.
For however long it lasts...
One little teaser on the responsibilities of the individual in a group effort.
At a certain point it becomes hubris to assign TOO MUCH responsibility to the individual.
Hubris, like that little castration problem that Freud mentioned as being the ultimate obstacle involved in analytic work at the end of the cure. Like... I'M the EXCEPTION to all the rules.
Dink will appreciate, I'm sure.
Welcome on board, Doctor John.


Dr John said...

Thank you Debra and to Thai for the invite. I am so seldom welcomed in most settings as you could likely infer from my posts on Carlat. I have zero tolerance for bullshit or self aggrandizement which is most of what goes on in the world of psychiatry. I certainly do not dismiss the responsibility of group systems but in the end we cannot change them much just bitch about them. I would prefer to channel Sarte or some other existentialist. No Excuses!! It's good to be in the room.

Thai said...



Dink said...

Hello Dr. John. I'm Dink.

Would you like to create a post? Just pop me an e-mail and I'll add you as an author. Its surprising cathartic. Write about any damn thing you feel like.

Its good you've shown up. I'm going on a short vacation soon and Deb will need a substitute to chew on. She's nice to you now, but you seem like a reasonable person so that will end soon ;)

Thai said...

That reminds me, I'm gone for 1 1/2 weeks as well for spring break in 2 days

Debra said...

Goody. Then I get to shoot my mouth off as much as I like ?
No fair, dinky. I'm not hitting on YOU. I'm hitting on what you say. (Didn't you read my comment to you on the last post ? The one where I APOLOGIZED for wrangling over ideas that obscured our common humanity (not socialist humanity... COMMON humanity...))
God, we don't have machine guns in the saloon. No rifles.
My mamma used to say "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."
She was SLIGHTLY off, on that one, but at least words don't decapitate you, right ?
Have fun, Thai. Vacation ? YOU still have not answered my question on the healthcare issue. YOU, the person to whom the question was addressed...
Doctor John... you are wrong.
We CAN change group situations.
At the level of the individual.
But that is hard, slow work (well, not always...) that does not get much attention in the limelight where everyone is just DYING to be.

Debra said...

Doctor John, you might feel happy reading my post "Cops and Numbers" and the ensuing discussion for reflexions on personal responsibility.
I think that we at least STARTED to discuss this quite well...

Dr John said...

I see why Dink likes to poke his stick at you. Sometimes it does appear Debra you talk in circles. I guess we do agree that whatever change we are looking to bring about either on an individual level or with groups the only way to change things is one person at a time. Until people accept this for their own path in life they will drift hopelessly around waiting for someone else to fix them or the cosmic bodies to line up correctly. Yes sometimes the system sucks. I think we all post on these blogs because of discontent about such systems but I think it is always best to fall back on Stoic philosophy and remind ourselves problems are most often problems because of our willful belief in them as such. I am following for more wisdom and thank you all again for your welcoming hospitality. Dink I will shoot you an email as I am not sure what you mean by creating a post beyond this? John

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