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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Magiquest Thing in the World

Last night when I came back home after my daily loaf, I was blown away by the comments here.
Yep, the blog has gone into warp drive. That's great.
After the initial giddy exhilaration of the banter, I started to feel the need to... grip the sides of a capsizing boat.
Dinky tells me that "over there" where you are, REASONABLE PEOPLE say things in an "elegant STRAIGHTFORWARD manner, and "get to the point".
I SAY... that that is the erector set way of doing things.
I CAN do things the erector set way, but perso, I don't find that very much fun. Not very.. CREATIVE. BUSINESSLIKE, yes. "EFFICIENT" ? Maybe. But just not FUN.
And I'm the kind of person who likes to have my cake and eat it too, and.. AS LONG AS I CAN HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO without wresting it away from my neighbor... why not ?

So... here goes at doing on this blog ONE of the things that I like to do, and do well (well, most of the time).

(Don't worry, the magiquest thing is going to come up at one point or another in this post. Learn to be patient.)

Yesterday Thai stuck a comment over there in the jungle (by the way, Doctor John, in all fairness, you should check out the jungle, Sudden Debt (( so you can thank ME the way I thank Thai for opening up the doors on blogouniverse)). A link to a piece of innuendo about the current financial situation. And last night, Thai gave us yet another piece, complete with photo.
... (not)computation... The light bulb flashes...
HEY, Thai has just woke up to the fact that it's spring outside !! The time of the year when the little birds are singing, the ducks are chasing after each other, you get the point. (The lyrical poets do this much better than I. I will stick down ANOTHER post by Will while Thai is gone... Well, when I WANT to, I can write poetry that is a LITTLE better than a pale copy of John Donne. If you're extra special good on this blog, maybe I will stick one of my lyric poems down. But you're going to have to make progress in patience before.)
Spring has a definite relation to the magiquest thing in the world.
And point of view, too..
The magiquest thing in the world from MY point of view, is that thing that is not a thing, that thing that is sometimes high, sometimes low, that thing that (sometimes) is so big that I can't hold it in my hand, and other times is so small that it is like a featherless baby sparrow, just demanding my crooning mothering. That thing that is a tangible link between me and my man, and without which we would not get or be together.
Pretty magic, huh ?? What did I say ? Magiquest.

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