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Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Business Model EVER!

I present to you Maximus Minimus.

Full disclosure: I've never actually seen this or ate anything from this

So you take a large vehicle and have an artist/welder make it look like a metallic pig. You make 5 or so edible menu items. At lunch you park in a busy part of downtown. For the rest of the afternoon you drive around and force customers to find you via GPS on your website. If you don't like the weather, you hibernate for the season.

Perhaps while avoiding your customers during the rainy season you can view the Royal Society's website. Because it too is so strange it is irrevocably cool.


Debra said...

Aw shucks, Dink, here it is midnight in the land of champagne and foie gras, and you've got me salivating for some Maximus/minimus and from that COOL Pigmarine, God, those pigglasses are so cool.
God I miss barbecued pork.
God I miss barbecued pork.
God I miss barbecued pork.
Goddamn you, dinky... ;-)
(And my spameater is "worse"...)

Debra said...

I should add that for the past ten years or so, Grenoble has had an ice cream vendor in one of the pedestrian streets who sells like crazy.
They're only open in the summer, and when they feel like closing, they... CLOSE, and tough titty as my Mama said, if YOU have a hankering for an ice cream cone in sweltering weather.
I asked them what they did for work in the winter, and they told me... journalism.
I think that they rake it in in the summer, though.

Thai said...

And I answered 2/2 of their "fun" questions correctly!

That does look way way cool, though I am not a fan of pork sandwiches. But their veggie and chips look awesome!

Thai said...

I just want to add on a completely off topic way that I really really really really really really really really really really hate Rush Limbaugh!!!!!!!!!!... I would add MANY more reallys but I would loose credibility if I did so you can all just feel they are simply unspoken.

We can go back to our regularly scheduled program.

Thai said...

By the way, I may be a little busy in the near future. Along with a bunch of money, my group is sending 4 providers to Haiti (I am not one of them) but the rest of us need to back-fill the shifts of the ones who are going so I may be a little busy over the next few weeks.

... Though I will add that the willingness of everyone to pick up the shifts of the people who are going may not make this a problem.

People really do so misunderstand the medical mindset.

When it really matters...

Debra said...

Just checked out the link to the Royal Scientific site, or whatever...
I PRESUME that this initiative is.. FREE, right ? ;-)
What's the deal with "this document will want users to have special software" ? Does this writer come from... New Delhi ? (so sorry all you Cambridge/Oxford educated Indians...)
Newton another example of one of those scientific maniacs who never retire ?
I empathize with the anecdote of reading and turning the pages while leading a horse, only to discover the horse bolted a while ago.
I too, am part of that select population who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time...

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