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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Pleasant Dream

Sorry if this sounds a bit like transcendental ridiculosity, but I had a dream last night that seemed to indicate that the saloon needed a visit. It was quite a warm, pleasant dream that was apparently strange enough to raise me to a conscious state that I actually remembered it the next morning. These omens should be heeded ;)

And behold, JP and Dr. John had actually responded to my New Year's lament posting!

Dr. John was concerned about the future. As any sane person would be. Humanity has gotten itself into a cluster@#$& economically and politically. I just about start screeching in public (requisite bathrobe donned and donut crumbs in my hair) when people talk about "Recovery". It can't be recovered! The base has been ravaged (i.e. abundant and resiliant natural resources, shadowy NGOs buying untold squidillions of debt, etc.). Bidden or unbidden, change is coming.

Hell, instead of being terrified, let's make it entertaining! Together we can come up with the most outlandish, fantastic, and ingenious method for surviving The Change.

For transport of materials, I suggest the crazy-ass Australian Skylifter .

To which you might ask, "Dink, where the hell are we going?". And this would be a fair question. We'd have to do some reconnaisance at the time and see how stable the local populations were. Assuming, not at all stable (my default assumption), we'll need to stick to isolated areas. Northern Canada in the Summer and Amazon in the Winter? Sure, why not ;)

Then you might ask "What the hell will we be skylifting?". Perhaps you saw this on a few weeks ago as well. Behold, The Ark . Apparently, we can "lyophilizize" (sp?) all sorts of food. Get some medium-scale desalinization equipment and we're good to go.

Please do feel free to add on any madness that you like; I'd love to hear about it. Its fun to idea-play. That's what the saloon was always meant for. I'm glad the dream reminded me of that. I better stop writing now before I get all sappy.

Pleasant dreams, y'all ;)


JP said...

I'm planning on the Cosmos continuing to conspire to help me through whatever troubles the future brings.

This century will be known as the Calamatous 21st Century. :)

I expect that we will all get to experience the joys of nuclear weapons being used in combat again.

Dr John said...

That is a frightful thought JP. My Lord I hope you are wrong. I fantasize about getting off the grid. If it was just me I would for sure. I would get myself a farm and learn to farm. I would love to build myself a home. Small but well constructed.

I am trying to think of this as entertaining. Your post helps Dink. In the end it is mostly scary to me. Maybe I will just hitch a ride to JP's celestial wagon.

Dink said...

Definitely Calamatous (even just 11 years in to the century we can safely call it that)!

JP- I was advised by a friend to read a book called "Lamb" by Christopher Moore. Its a humorous gospel from his best friend Biff's perspective. It covers the 20 or so missing years. Though funny, it portrayed "Josh" (aka Messiah) as warmly as I've ever read. I'd be interested in a theist's opinion if you have any spare time for a good read.

Dr. J- Off the grid sounds pretty dang cozy. I'd love to learn more about hydroponics, but pretty much ever website I've been to is scaled to marijuana-scale produce. And goats seem handy since they can turn weeds into milk (and into gyros if need be). Have you ever looked into concrete home construction? It doesn't look too hard and the dumb thing can't burn down and doesn't need painting...

JP said...

The big problem is the War Cycle in international geopolitics, particularly as it relates to the Great Powers rising, falling, and randomly declaring war on each other.

Basically, you have large international wars that spike every couple of generations.

Recently, we had the Napoleonic Wars, WWI, and WWII. Also, you had Germany Empire declared in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

Now, the number of deaths was significantly increased in WWI and WWII thanks to modern technology.

For some reason, I don't think that humanity has magically become more peaceful since 1945.

The big problem is that you have various political and cultural entities, with major armies and various nuclear weapons.

JP said...

At some point here, I will post something about dreams from Bob's blog when I get around to it.

It will take time, but I will dig it out.

I didn't realize that dreams meant anything, however, now I see that they do, in fact, contain information.

Dink said...


I'd love to read it when you locate it. I've always found the whole subject of sleeping and dreaming so weird.

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