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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Feeling stressed here in Seattle. Y'all got any philosophy/mantras/tattoos that you get through when you're in a funk?


Dr John said...

First Dink hang in there. I know what it is to be suffering and feel you are in over your head. Often things just improve on their own. I hope they do for you.

I have found the writings of Marcus Aurelius to be of great help to me when I feel powerless and out of control. Pick up "The Meditations". It is my bible.


Dink said...

You rock, John! Time has already provided some ease.

You'd think by 40 you'd be able to navigate these emotional flare-ups easily. And honestly there are more buffers and coping mechanisms than when 20. But every once in a while an exceptional storm hits.

That night I did look up some Buddhist quotes which were nice. I also found Churchill's "Courage is going failure to failure without losing enthusism". That gave me a smile.

I am absolutely going to pick up this "Meditations" you speak of. Is there any thing more precious than inner peace? Hell no.

Thanks, and hope all is well in your time zone.

JP said...

You could try prayer. That sometimes helps me. I suppose it has a metidation aspects.

I normally feel extremely stressed. It's pretty much my default state. I then relax once I have gotten through whatever was causing the stress.

Whatever you do, don't go on a fast. I did that accidentally once. Make sure you eat regular meals.

Dr John said...

I would agree with prayer although I am just a hopeful agnostic. Maybe it is a remnant of my childhood but prayer still calms me despite my lack of strong conviction.

Dink said...

Hey JP!

Sorry to hear that extremely stressed is the default. Its most unpleasant.

Though not religious, I can see the benefit of prayer. The way I envision it, one has a conceptual framework of the world that one believes in. Events sort of twist you into seeing a different framework. If you don't like this new framework, saying a prayer is like running a program to reinstall the previous framework.

For example, you believe people are generally good. Then you come across some complete bastards and you start to believe the world is a hideous place. Then you incant a reminder that reboots you to the previous philosophy that people are good. And then you're able to cope again.

BTW, what happened when you fasted?

So here is something that I came across when googling for inner peace a while back:

"One day Ananda, who had been thinking deeply about things for a while, turned to the Buddha and exclaimed: "Lord, I've been thinking- spiritual friendship is at least half of the spiritual life!"
The Buddha replied: "Say not so, Ananda, say not so. Spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life!"
Samyutta Nikaya, Verse 2

I first thought it was describing the importance of a sense fellowship and community. Then I thought it may be more esoteric (I can't decipher poetry worth a darn). Any opinions would be appreciated.

Happy Halloween, y'all. And Dia De Los Muertos tomorrow. Let us celebrate the occult with high fructose corn syrup!!!

JP said...

Fasting resulted in my first and only experience with an altered state of consiousness (fortunately, it was very brief).

It would have been nice if I had known I was fasting. I hadn't realized that I had dropped 20 lbs (or so) in about three weeks.

So, I now completely understand that "go fast in the desert and wait for a vision" experience. You will certainly get an experience.

I've never used any hallucinogens, so I couldn't tell you whether the experience was similar.

Anonymous said...

Mister Boojah Boojah says: relax nobody is in control!

John Lennon: turn of your mind, relax and float down stream, IT is only shining.

Timothy Leary ( always the irreverent trickster). Tune on, tune in, and drop out (of the rat race)

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