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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



the lummox brought their guns to bare
and shot them in the air

they shouted to intimidate
that really wasn't fair.

But shoot or shout
we sat unfazed
and passed it in the end.

Health care reform
let's celebrate
for all of god's invertebrate!

For grandma there is paneled care
While Jose gets a share
For little Nell an evenings slip
Will leave no one to tell!

The really fat
No longer seen
we've got them on the mill
They're turning calories to green
For uncle sam no bill!

The preconditioned
you left out
we've got them on a cure
10 cents a joint
they seem content
the marijuna's pure.

health care for all
it really works
the right can scream and shout
for in the end
our god is great
it's called a "liberal" cure!



Dink said...

Your green-energy, calorie-to-watt section (stanza? Poetry is not my forte..) brings an interesting tangent.

People should have to be aware of certain physical parameters. Like how hard it is to generate usable energy and how much of it is needed to keep their appliances running. And how many calories certain foods have and at what pace the body spends those calories. And they should spend some time on a farm to see both the wonder and difficulty (I spare y'all a vegetarian tirade about what carnivores should be forced to watch). And some time in a coal-burning plant and some time with a respiratory therapist working with emphysema patients.

Down with naivite; everyone should have the data be forced to "do the math".

SS said...

@ Dink

Looks like we might have to keep them on the treadmill longer than I thought, socialist realism triumphs!


OkieLawyer said...

From The Onion:

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

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